Lakha Lama's handmade Tsa Tsa

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The income goes uncut to a stair lift to Lakha Lama. After Lakha Lama got a blood clot in his brain, he can't go down the stairs, and he only comes out of the house when there are some strong men who can lift him. With a stairlift he can get out of the house by himself, and enjoy the garden.

Lakha Lama has handmade and blessed each individual clay Tsa Tsa, which is burnt by a potter, and then Lakha Lama has hand painted each of them with gold paint. Throughout the slow work process, he has been reciting auspicious prayers for all living beings. The small clay reliefs show three Tibetan Buddhist long life aspects: Amitayus, Namgyelma and White Tara. The size is 4 cm.

In case the income from the sale of Tsa Tsa exceeds the cost of a stair lift, the remaining amount will go to sweeten Lakha Lama’s existence on his old days.

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