Guitaristen Tom

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Pixies do of course also follow the trends in pop music. “The Pixie Band” is a pixie rock group with Oliver on bass, Tom on guitar and the singer Sanne. The Pixie Band pulls a full house in the barn when they start playing. The oldest and most traditional Pixies were rather sceptical in the beginning about the young pixies music and extraverted clothes, but now they too rock, even the oldest grandfather enjoys the rock rhythms.

Tom on guitar is wearing jeans, sweater, waistcoat, hat and a golden chain. The decorative dolls have got painted clay shoes and can stand. 

The fine miniature guitars are accurate copies of real guitars. They are made of wood; hand painted and have fine small details.

Size: 24 cm / 9.5 inches incl. hat

Danish design ©2014 by Pia Kryger Lakha

The doll is packed in a gift box with a 24 pages booklet with the backround story of the pixies.

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