Doll with Danish folk costume from South of Jutland

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The peasants of South Jutland had good fields, and were often wealthy. The women liked to dress up in fine textiles and laces. The people of South Jutland are known for their lavish feasts with splenty of good food and delicacies. At least seven kinds of pastries are served, at a proper South Jutlandish coffee table.


Hedvig is carrying a hand woven basket full of egg, and she  is wearing woolen underwear, an under skirt,  a skirt, an apron, a woolen sweater, a velvet hat withe laces and silk ribbons and a neck scarf. The decorative doll is hand felted from pure wool on a skeleton of wire, so the body is flexible. The clay shoes are handmade, and the doll can stand. 

Size: 23 cm / 9 inches incl. hat

Danish design ©2014 by Pia Kryger Lakha

The doll is packed in a gift box 

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