Doll with Danish folk costume from Fanoe

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The Fanoe island is situated at the south western coast of Jutland. The people of Fanoe earned their living as sailors and fishermen. The women were hard working, and practical dressed in the colours of the earth and ocean and with scarves around the head and neck.The people of Fanoe are as sailors well-traveled, they are open minded and welcome guests and inspiration from abroad.

Sigrid is carrying a hand woven basket full of egg, and she is wearing woolen underwear, a red under skirt (this is a special tradition on Fanoe),  a green skirt, a blue apron, a woolen blouse with golden buttons, a head and a neck scarf. The decorative doll is hand felted from pure wool on a skeleton of wire, so the body is flexible. The clay shoes are handmade, and the doll can stand. 

Size: 23 cm / 9 inches 

Danish design ©2014 by Pia Kryger Lakha

The doll is packed in a gift box 

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