Peter and Sofus the dog

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Peter is a naughty little pixie boy, who sometimes throws snowballs at his twin sister Ida and the other pixies. Peter’s best friend is Sofus the dog, and they play together every day in the forest.

Peter has a dog and a snowball, and he is wearing woollen trousers, a woollen sweater, a scarf and a woollen hat. The15 cm tall decorative doll is hand felted from pure wool on a skeleton of wire, so the body is flexible. The clay shoes are handmade, and the doll can stand.

Size: 15 cm / 6 inches incl. hat

Danish design ©2014 by Pia Kryger Lakha

The doll is packed in a gift box with a 24 pages booklet with the backround story of the pixies.

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