"Pixies without borders" is a motley group of pixies by Danish designer Pia Kryger Lakha and handmade by Tibetan refugees in Nepal who earn a good wage and have good working conditions.

Care Trade has a good working relationship with Tibet Charity's office in Nepal who promote the well-paid jobs in the pixie workshop, preferably to disadvantaged women, such as widows, single mothers and the disabled.

Women earn 50% more pr. hour than is normal for unskilled labor in Nepal, plus they also have a shorter working day. Emphasis is placed on creating a pleasant and safe working environment.

Normally arts and crafts workers in Nepal are paid by the number of products they produce, but because we want to avoid competition, stress and irritability, which can occur when some are faster than others and earning more money, Care Trade has chosen to pay all employees the same wage, no matter how efficient they are.

Equal pay creates a good atmosphere and a good spirit among the women, and when a new employee starts, the older, more experienced staff are willing to spend time to help the new person. Everyone helps each other when it’s busy up to a shipment to Denmark.

There are high spirits at the workshop, and the women are enjoying themselves, laughing and singing as they work. The good social networking in the workplace is very important, especially for single mothers, and women who come from disadvantaged homes i.e. with a husband who’s an alcoholic. The fact that they are experiencing a positive communal spirit and are supported by their colleagues who may be in the same situation can be felt on the quality of life and job satisfaction.

A few times a year Care Trade's Danish owner and designer Pia invites all the Tibetan employees in Nepal to a goodbusiness lunch”. The women are not used to eating at a restaurant, they are the ones in charge of cooking for the family, and they are not accustomed to being asked out, so it's a big event when the whole group can join together for afeast” at one of many good restaurants in the area.

The Tibetan refugee women in Care Trade's Santa's workshop take great pride and care of their work. It’s easy to see the pixies have been made by loving hands; no two are exactly alike, each one has its own personality.

It's a nice feeling that the pixies who help to create a cozy atmosphere in our homes, also help to give people on the other side of the world a better life.